posters overdose

Hello all! I hope you're fine! Well, here's an update from me. These are five posters I designed as a project for college. Let me give you some background information first.
First of all, the Greek part of Mdedecins Du Monde is celebrating its 20 years of presence in Greece and they asked our college to make an anniversary poster. All of us are designing, but only the best of them will be exhibited in their special celebration show they will throw out in Athens. I hope one of mines will be in :) The blue one says "We started with a few supplies and a lot of love....and we multiplied them".The orange on says "one vision, a lot of missions, one target"

We also had to design a poster for Amnesty International. They didn't ask as to, it was just an imaginary project. I chose to work on racism and this is what I came up with. The white one says "me" in some languages in the bubbles and below "everyone has a story to tell. respect it, no matter what colour it's written with". The one with the apples says "they are not the same" and below "you know that they are equally important though"

Last, but not least, we designed an anti-smoking poster. Here are my two results. The brownish one says "don't let cigarette push you to destruction". The blue one says "quit it before it quits you".

So, that's all. What do you think? My exams are on Tuesday, so I hope I will get some good marks!