swedish hints

Here's a poster I made today, inspired by the Swedish word 'själv'.


Not a lot of thing to say. Here's a little something I made today (inspired by the nice spring weather)

oh, your majesty!

Ha ha ha! Well, this has nothing to do with kings and queens in the traditional sense. Our computers professor is design school asked us to create a collage using Photoshop and this is what I came up with. The synthesis and basic effects are by me and the heavy effects are made by my very talented professor. Here it is!

God save the Queen! LOL!

busy, but always sophisticated

Hello people!

First of all, I would like to thank you once more for visiting my blog. I see that I have several visits from all over the world every day and this makes me really happy!
Now, a little update from me...Exams are over and I'm now totally into the new semester. We have three important and big projects running in one subject and the two of them are 'real'. What do I mean? Well, a marble company based in F.Y.R.O.M asked our college to design their logo and the product logo for a specific marble they have. The best three works will be awarded a money prize and of course the first wil be actually selected for the company. The second project has to do with the creation of an anniversary composition/design for the 50 years of a Greek-German private school in Athens. The best three will be awarded money prizes as well again and the best will be selected for them. The third project has to do with the total re-design of the commercial identity of an airline. I'm feverishly looking for companies with bad design now, so if you have anything to suggest, please leave me a comment! :)

Well, what about the sophisticated thing? He he, nah...I just felt like suggesting two books to you, which I'm now reading. The first one is Robert Bringhurst's The Elements of Typographic Style (thanks Maria!) and the second is 1000 More Graphic Elements by Grant Design Collaborative (thanks Elissavet!). I highly recommend them for any of you who are interested in typography and modern, clean design.

See you soon with some previews of my projects,


graphic design pulling the strings

This is probably the best video I have ever seen. It's so well made and I love every little detail in it. Graphic design freaks, here's your video! LOVE IT!

illustrating self-respect

Here's an illustration I made as a supplementary design for exams. I chose the Bulb Lamp from Muuto because I love Scandinavian Design. Cross your fingers for me coz I have my exams today!

posters overdose

Hello all! I hope you're fine! Well, here's an update from me. These are five posters I designed as a project for college. Let me give you some background information first.
First of all, the Greek part of Mdedecins Du Monde is celebrating its 20 years of presence in Greece and they asked our college to make an anniversary poster. All of us are designing, but only the best of them will be exhibited in their special celebration show they will throw out in Athens. I hope one of mines will be in :) The blue one says "We started with a few supplies and a lot of love....and we multiplied them".The orange on says "one vision, a lot of missions, one target"

We also had to design a poster for Amnesty International. They didn't ask as to, it was just an imaginary project. I chose to work on racism and this is what I came up with. The white one says "me" in some languages in the bubbles and below "everyone has a story to tell. respect it, no matter what colour it's written with". The one with the apples says "they are not the same" and below "you know that they are equally important though"

Last, but not least, we designed an anti-smoking poster. Here are my two results. The brownish one says "don't let cigarette push you to destruction". The blue one says "quit it before it quits you".

So, that's all. What do you think? My exams are on Tuesday, so I hope I will get some good marks!